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The Montessori method provides the opportunity for your child to develop independence, confidence, creativity, self-motivation, responsibility and academic competency. Montessori meet needs of all children, while affording the freedom necessary to preserve each child’s uniqueness


Dr. Montessori designed exercises for children that align with their natural inclinations. Kids love imitating daily tasks like dishwashing and table cleaning. Practical Life exercises help kids improve coordination, develop focus and attention to detail, establish good work habits, and become independent. They're crucial for success with advanced academic materials.


Through the continuous use of their senses, children explore and gain knowledge about the world around them. The Montessori approach employs sensorial material to help children distinguish, organize, and relate new information to what they already know. Dr. Montessori believed that this is the initial stage in acquiring conscious knowledge.


This is the third key area in your child’s learning path and is built on the practical life and sensorial areas which prepare them to explore further and mature their mathematical minds. The Montessori programs’ math exercises lead your children to hands-on exercises emphasizing concepts while preparing them for concepts.


Recognition of labels, names, and meanings of things in a child’s environment is important for them to have relevancy. Transitioning to the fourth aspect of learning, reading, and writing depends on a child’s vocabulary, which we teach our children through various experiences so that your child develops a well- rounded vocabulary. The Montessori language exercises that we utilize aid your child in expressing their thoughts, understanding, and interpreting the thoughts of those around them.


Using Montessori culture exercises, your child will have opportunities to explore the larger world around them. Students are taught about different places, people, and cultures of the world through experiencing their foods, music, and stories so that they may begin to see the similarities and differences between other cultures and their own.

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We aim to provide an educational environment that will nurture developing the children to build themselves to become creators of positive impact to the society.  With relevant training and learning methodologies we make sure the Montessori principles and practices are followed on our educational environment.

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Our vision

We understand and value the natural development of human beings throughout the lives starting as a child. Enabling them to contribute positively to the society, leading to a more harmonious, peaceful and sustainable world through early childhood education.

  • 25 Years of expertise
  • 04 Teachers
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